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Allure South Sea Pearls range is now available at Van Bercken.

Allure South Sea Pearls has built a reputation for the crafting of magnificent pearl and diamond jewellery. From the pristine coastal waters of Australia, Tahiti and the Philippines, we select only the finest quality pearls for the Allure couture and ready to wear collections.

A pearl is a living gem; a miracle of nature. It warms to the touch and enhances the natural tones of the skin. Creating a sense of luminous depth and radiance, layers of nacre reflect the light from within and give the pearl its inner glow.

Elegant white, exotic black or intense gold – its colour is captivating. It is both luxurious and understated. The value of a pearl lies in its natural beauty, and we guarantee that all of Allure’s pearls are natural in colour.

Contact us on (613) 9686 9592 or email info@vanbercken.com.au to book a consultation or to make an enquiry.

Our sales staff are fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Read more about the designer here.

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