Certified Pink Diamonds and Jewellery Buying Guide

Certified Pink Diamond Buying Guide

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are said to be, by size, the world’s most expensive commodity. Van Bercken is proud to stock a collection of loose pink stones (including extremely rare and valuable tender stones) and jewellery featuring certified pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Found only in one remote mine in the Kimberley region in Western Australia, pink diamonds are truly unique and extremely rare.

The discovery of diamonds in the dry creek beds in this remote part of the world did not occur until the 1980s. To this day the discovery remains one of the world’s most important. It changed the diamond world forever and led to the establishment of the Argyle Diamond Mine. Van Bercken is proud to stock the most coveted of all diamonds – the rare pink diamond.

Why are these diamonds pink?

Unlike other coloured diamonds which derive their colour from impurities, pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are thought to obtain their colour from extreme pressure during their formation billions of years ago below the earth’s surface.

The defining feature of pink diamonds is their colour, so naturally, this ‘C’ takes precedence over cut and clarity (although size remains extremely important).

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Understand the Grading Process for Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are graded, with three important colour variants:

HUE is the dominant colour of the diamond. Sometimes there are modifying colours or tints that affect the hue.

TONE is the amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond. The range extends from light to dark.

SATURATION is the strength or intensity of hue. The saturation of light in diamonds can vary from pastel to vivid and intense. The darker and more intense the colour, the more rare and more valuable the diamond (i.e. the closer a Pink diamond is to a score of ‘1’ in the chart, the higher the value).

The diamonds are sold in an extremely controlled way to an international customer base comprising traders, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery designers and luxury jewellery retailers.

The best from each year’s production of pink diamonds are cut and polished in Western Australia and sold through the annual Pink Diamonds Tender. Of the tens of thousands of diamonds produced by the Argyle Mine each year, only the best 60 or so are included in this prestigious sealed tender.

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