Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience, but it needn’t be! The Van Bercken team has decades of experience in helping customers to find the very best diamond and ring to suit their budget and their partner’s style. We’re here to help and to work with you to ensure you get it 100% right!

We’ll work to identify the diamond qualities that matter most to you, so that you get the optimum combination of size, clarity, colour and cut. To the beginner this can be a lot to take in, especially if you’re nervous about popping that question. We’ve helped thousands of couples through the process of selecting the perfect diamond and ring design for especially for them. If you want to get a head start you can learn more about the elements that go in to diamond grading by reading our diamond guide here.

Diamonds in stock and sourcing

We have a large range of diamonds and finished engagement rings in stock, plus access to literally millions of diamonds through our network of national and international suppliers. We know we can help find your perfect diamond, and we’re always happy to show you a range of stones to choose from.

You can find really beautiful rings at any price point and we’re very happy to offer a totally obligation free discussion, with honest advice on how to maximise your budget to get the best possible diamond.

How to choose the right engagement ring

We think the perfect engagement ring is a combination of high-quality diamonds, expert jewellery craftsmanship and a design that you love. We have a range of classic hand-made rings in white and yellow gold and platinum in stock, and we’re also happy to help design a special ring that suits your personal requirements.

Understand engagement ring styles



This classic engagement ring has a single solitaire ring set in a gold band to highlight your chosen diamond. From tapering shoulders to knife edged bands, our team will help you find the perfect design.

Diamond Set Band


Delicate side stones are used to complement the hero stone. These rings are subtle while giving additional sparkle that will see your ring be the centre of attention. When paired with a diamond set wedding band, this engagement ring emphasises the centre stone and allows the true beauty of your diamond to be observed more clearly.



A halo ring provides a glittering surround to your central diamond in a variety of different styles. Halo-style rings create the impression of a much larger centre stone, with a lot more sparkle. We have an exquisite range of halo rings in all classic diamond shapes – from Pear, Cushion and Oval, to Round Brilliant, in a range of carat weights.



A style of ring where your main diamond is supported by two beautiful side stones. Trilogy rings can be created in practically any combination of diamond shapes, with three of the same shape, or with complementary shapes as side stones. Equally, trilogies can be mixed and matched with diamonds or precious gems (like the two extremely rare Argyle Pink side-stones shown here) to create the ultimate trilogy ring for your partner.


How to select a diamond ring

Begin by examining our range of beautiful loose diamonds and high quality gemstones, and try on our large selection of engagement ring styles in our Crown Melbourne store. Our fully qualified jewellers will begin by explaining the diamond grading standards and the process we go through in identifying the best diamonds from the international market, to make sure your experience is informative, friendly and enjoyable. We take our role as advisors to you seriously, but we also love sharing our knowledge and helping you find your perfect ring in a relaxed and fun environment.

The evolution of engagement rings

While traditional engagement ring designs continue to be extremely popular, many couples are opting for more elaborate and contemporary designs that showcase their individuality, or gemstones that reflect their own personalities and stories. We’re excited to help people through this process, and we’ve made engagement rings with everything from opals to rough diamonds, emeralds and topaz. We don’t think there should be any rules as to what ring is appropriate for any couple, but we do believe that marriage is something every person should have the right to experience, regardless of their belief system or sexuality. Love is love and our job is to help find you an enduring symbol of your mutual commitment that will bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

Understanding shapes

Now this can be a bit bewildering especially if you are comparing rings and diamonds from different suppliers but the shape of the diamond has a big impact on the final ring. Here are the most common shapes.

diamond shapes graph

How to choose the perfect stone.


The first decision in your search for the perfect engagement ring is the shape of your centre diamond. The classic engagement ring features a Round Brilliant Cut diamond, although Oval and Pear-shape diamonds are also very popular at the moment. There is no right or wrong, simply personal preference, and all shapes are equally suitable as engagement rings. Of course, the decision is best made by the ring’s recipient, so do your best to find the diamond shape your partner prefers.


Related to diamond shape is ring style. Starting with options of yellow or white gold or platinum, you will also need to consider: solitaire, halo, double halo, cluster, trilogy…vintage or contemporary… and so on. We highly recommend you do your homework on this point so that the style you choose matches your partner’s preference.

With shape and style confirmed, selecting an actual diamond is the next step. The following four characteristics are used as the basic reference points for assessing a diamond’s quality, and therefore its value:


We’ll start with the easy one – carats. Carats are a unit of weight measurement, not size which is a common mistake. Of course, the bigger the diamond the more expensive (assuming all other criteria are identical).

Fun fact: the word ‘carat’ derives from carob tree seeds which were originally used as an agreed measure of weight in early diamond trading.


How well a diamond is cut has a big impact on how well it reflects light and sparkles. We highly recommend excellent cut as being the most important criteria in selecting your diamond, especially if it is a Round Brilliant Cut.


Clarity basically refers to the presence of inclusions in your diamond. Certified stones are rated from ‘Internally flawless’ to ‘Included’ (with multiple sub-ratings along the way). An important distinction from a diamond’s appearance is whether it is ‘eye clean’, meaning whether its inclusions are visible to the naked eye. Diamonds that are graded in the Slightly Included 1 (SI1) and Slightly Included 2 (SI2) range are typically on the cusp of being eye clean, with most SI1s being eye clean and most SI2s having some visible inclusions. Van Bercken sells on ‘eye clean’ stones, above SI1 and all of our diamonds are GIA certified.


A diamond’s colour grade refers to its lack of colour. The more colourless the diamond, the higher quality grade it will receive. Colour grading commences at ‘D’ and goes all the way through to Z. D, E and F-colour diamonds fit within the ‘colourless’ range. They are rare and more valuable than similar diamonds of lower colour grade. We do not sell diamonds below ‘G’ colour as graded by GIA.

View our great range of engagement rings and diamond rings or read our diamond buying guide by clicking here.

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Why choose Van Bercken

Van Bercken is a luxury diamond and jewellery boutique offering exquisite diamond and gemstone rings and pendants; bracelets and earrings; and rare, pink Argyle diamonds.

Our multilingual staff of qualified diamond graders, jewellery designers and artisan jewellers are all impeccably trained to provide expert guidance on all diamond and jewellery purchases.

The Van Bercken Collection features diamonds and precious gems set in 18 carat white and yellow gold, and platinum.

A clear point-of-difference of the Van Bercken Collection is the care and expertise that goes into the selection of every diamond and every piece of jewellery in our store.

We are also proud to stock fancy vivid diamonds and exceptionally rare pink Argyle diamonds from the Kimberley in Western Australia.

In addition to the exceptional stock we carry in store, we are also able to procure any size, shape, clarity and colour of stone from the international diamond markets, or locally if time is of the essence. Please call us on 03 96869592 or contact us at info@vanbercken.com.au.

Van Bercken has developed an impeccable network of connections with the world’s largest diamond and precious gem wholesale companies, in addition to exceptional Australian contacts who are able to provide the best stones to Van Bercken for your inspection at very short notice.

Our diamonds are 100% ‘eye clean’ as a minimum standard and our preference is for VVS clarity stones and higher. Similarly, our minimum colour standard is ‘G’ or better, with most of our engagement rings achieving a significantly higher standard. We stock predominantly triple excellent stones as we believe the cut and symmetry of a diamond is paramount. We will not accept stones that are merely ‘Good’ or lower in cut, symmetry proportion or finish.

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