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Dismantling the Diamond Fluorescence Stigma

Article by Rachael Taylor Diamonds with this trait may fetch lower prices on the market, but some in the trade are embracing the opportunities they offer. With an inconvenient leading letter, fluorescence falls outside of the 4Cs. Yet that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an essential element when it comes to haggling the price of […]

For the sake of clarity

What is ‘clarity’ in diamond grading and why does it matter? The ‘Four Cs’ are the keys to assessing a diamond’s quality and value. In this article, we’ll explain a little more about the role Clarity plays alongside Carat, Cut and Colour. Clarity refers to a diamond’s inclusions – or imperfections – and is scored […]

Van Bercken Hosts Diamond and Gem ‘Trunk Show’

Van Bercken recently celebrated the arrival of new precious gems and jewellery to our Crown Melbourne boutique with a Trunk Show held in a luxurious Crown Towers suite. The show featured unique, rare and valuable loose gems and jewellery from our wholesale trade partner Kahn High Jewellery. Like to come to our next function? Just […]

A rosy future for Pink Argyle diamond prices

With the impending and much talked about closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in the remote Kimberley, Argyle Pink diamond prices are rising rapidly. Mine production is forecast to end in 2020, existing stock is limited, and demand is growing strongly – all of which indicate the likely ongoing price appreciation for Argyle Pink diamonds. […]

Finding the sweet spot in the four 'C's

A smart shopper’s guide to getting the best diamond for your budget Finding the perfect engagement ring is a daunting task. Getting up to speed with the 4Cs and then deciphering the different qualities of different diamonds relative to their price can be very confusing. Added to this is the pressure of deciphering the shape […]

Rio Tinto largest ever diamond tender for Argyle Pink diamonds

Rio Tinto is about to launch one of its last ever pink diamond tenders as it prepares to shut the only pink diamond mine in the world in 2020. The West Australian based mine has put a number of its rare pink diamonds up for tender, with prices expected to reach $100 million. Read more […]

2018 Fine Jewellery Exhibition

You are invited to discover some of the world’s rarest and most exceptional white, yellow and pink diamonds, Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Ceylon sapphires.  

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