Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen: Inspired by nature at Crown Melbourne

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Van Bercken is proud to be an Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen atelier. The brand has a deserved reputation for unique design and excellent craftsmanship. We love that the pieces we stock – all in 18ct gold – are still handmade and finished in Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s workshop by their team of master jewellers.

The brand’s aim is to be the preferred luxury brand for customers looking for Scandinavian jewellery design that can be passed on from generation to generation. The Danish brand was established in 1963 by goldsmith and fine jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Ole studied in Germany, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Japan. He then returned to Denmark and bought a small workshop where he began to produce his masterpieces.

Creative Director and daughter of Ole Lynggaard, Charlotte Lynggaard, who is a goldsmith and designer like her father, joined the company in 1987 and is now the brand’s principal designer (although Ole continues to design pieces to this day). Charlotte has a passion for nature, with many natural and organic elements present or represented in her designs: the organic shapes and surfaces, the beautiful mix of pastel and natural vibrant colours, and the handpicked semi-precious stones that adorn her jewellery.

Every piece in the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection begins as a hand-drawn sketch by Ole or Charlotte – not as a design on a computer – and is then modelled out of silver foil. Pieces can often take 18 months to be perfected and then are hand-made. With this commitment to quality and craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that Ole Lynggaard has held a Danish royal warrant since 2008, awarded to those who have worked by appointment to the royal family for 25 years. Read more about the designer here.

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