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We’re proud to be a select OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN atelier and hold a constantly updated collection of their incredible jewellery.

Visit our store at Crown Melbourne and receive free valet parking. Contact us on (613) 9686 9592 or email info@vanbercken.com.au to book a consultation or to make an enquiry.

  • ole051

    Large Leaves Bangle

  • ole098

    Shooting Stars Diamond And Multi Gems Earrings

  • ole lynggaard shooting star earrings a2860 401 660x486

    Shooting Stars Diamond Earrings

  • ole029

    Diamond Pave Set Sprout Lotus Pendant

  • ole106

    Shooting Stars Collier Atelier Anchor Chain

  • ole102

    Large Leaf Ring

  • ole096

    Shooting Stars Diamond Earring Pendant

  • ole049

    Leaves Earrings

  • ole091

    Dew Drops Aquamarine Cabochon Earrings

  • ole054

    Forest Acorn Pendant

  • ole059

    Lotus Twisted Anchor Chain

  • ole050

    Large Leaves Pendant

  • ole094

    Shooting Stars Diamond Earrings

  • ole060

    Circus Elephant Charm

  • ole064

    Round Leaves Pendant

  • ole041

    Mini Sprout Pendant

  • ole101

    Medium Leaf Ring

  • ole033

    Snake Earrings

  • ole90

    Dew Drops Moonstone Cabochon Lotus Earrings

  • ole058

    Chain with blush moonstone and diamonds

  • ole035

    Sweet Spot Small Snake

  • ole063

    Medium Leaves Pendant

  • ole108

    Lotus Collier Twisted Anchor Chain

  • ole083

    Gipsy Gold Earrings

  • ole093

    Blooming Pendant

  • ole046

    Shooting Stars Pearl Pendant for earrings

  • ole097

    Shooting Stars Bracelet

  • ole082

    Aquamarine Lotus Pendant

  • ole089

    Dew Drops Moonstone Cabochon Lotus Pendant

  • ole084

    London Blue Topaz Sprout Pendant

  • ole066

    Sweet Drops Charm

  • ole065

    Sweet Drops Charm

  • ole045

    My Little World Circus Elephant Charm

  • ole081

    Grey Moonstone Lotus Pendant

  • ole085

    Mini Sweet Drops Charm

  • ole055

    Forest Oak Leaf Pendant

  • ole103

    My Little World Collier Anchor Chain

  • ole062

    Small Leaves Pendant

  • ole056

    Delicate Anchor Chain

  • ole047

    Shooting Stars Grey Moonstone Pendant for earrings

  • ole099

    Mini Leaf Pendant

  • ole042

    Forest Small Acorn Pendant

  • ole105

    My Little World Collier Anchor Chain

  • ole044

    Forest Oak Leaf Pendant

  • ole043

    Forest Oak Leaf Pendant

  • ole030

    My Little World Charm

  • ol001

    Gold Colour String

  • ol003

    Dark Grey String

  • ol002

    Camel Colour String

  • ole025

    Wine Red Leather Bracelet

  • ol005a

    Petrol Colour Leather Bracelet

  • ole24

    Metallic Leather Bracelet

  • ole010a

    Grey Leather Bracelet

  • ole012c

    Camel Colour Leather Bracelet

  • ol007a

    Cafe Latte Leather Bracelet

  • ol004b

    Black Leather Bracelet

  • ole023

    Aubergine Leather Bracelet

  • ole022

    Wine Red Silk Bracelet

  • ole017

    Petrol Colour Silk Bracelet

  • ole015a

    Black Silk Bracelet

  • ole016

    Grey Silk Bracelet

  • ole020

    Camel Colour Silk Bracelet

  • ole021

    Navy Blue Silk Bracelet

  • ole lynggaardc0073 403 2

    Ole Lynggaard Shooting Stars Collier Atelier Anchor Bracelet

  • nature mini creol a2687 401 v2

    Nature Mini Earrings

  • nature large creol a2685 401 v4

    Nature Large Earrings

  • lotus earrings combinations a3060 402 a3059 401 a1715 413

    Lotus Combination Earrings

  • gipsy vintage a2659 407 v2

    Gipsy Vintage Earrings

  • shooting stars pendant look pair a2862 407 a2860 401 1

    Asymmetrical Shooting Stars Earrings

  • (03) 9686 9592