Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Our beautiful store within the iconic Crown Melbourne complex offers the opportunity to view the finest jewellery in a friendly and professional setting. We’re very happy to offer our valued clients complimentary valet parking to make appointments easy and convenient.

Our range of diamonds and precious gems is unique and our expert, friendly staff are always pleased to show customers through our various ranges and luxury brands.

Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring with Baguettes

Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring with Baguettes

Oval Cut With Halo

Oval Cut With Halo

Diamond Band

Diamond Band Solitaire with Diamond Shoulders

Van Bercken’s staff are some of the country’s most experienced and respected gemmologists, who are able to help guide you toward the perfect ring for your personal tastes and budget. We are all passionate about jewellery and we enjoy helping people understand the finer points of diamond grading, to ensure your ultimate choice is perfect for you and for your partner.

You are welcome to choose from the wide range of diamonds, rings and mounts in our Crown Melbourne boutique, but equally we’re able to help you identify the perfect combination of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight – and then source an exact diamond for you locally or internationally.


Our commitment to you doesn’t end once you have purchased your engagement ring. We offer unlimited and complimentary cleaning and checking of your engagement ring any time you happen to be in the area. We also offer valuation services, rhodium plating and polishing, re-sizing and any technical support or advice you might need for your jewellery collection.

We’re always happy to help people who are on the path of finding the perfect engagement ring, without any commitment or expectation. Our store is open from 11am until 9.30pm seven days a week, almost every day of the year, and you can call us anytime on (03) 9868 9592.

Engagement ring design service

Our luxury store at Crown Melbourne contains a huge range of classic engagement rings for you to consider. Equally, we are always happy to work with you on a custom-designed diamond ring.

Van Bercken’s expert team are at your service to help you select the perfect diamond and to match it with a design of your choice. It may be something you’ve seen online, or a design that has a strong personal meaning. We can work with you to sketch and design your ring in white or yellow gold, or platinum. We will work with you from conception through to completion, keeping you involved in every step of production alongside our artisan jewellers.

The Van Bercken boutique

vb store3

The Van Bercken boutique at Crown Melbourne

We’re very proud of our beautiful boutique and our unique collection of extremely rare and valuable gemstones and jewellery housed in the luxury environment of Crown Melbourne.

You are welcome to visit our boutique to see and try our unique designs, or just to talk to our expert team to understand your options for sourcing local and international diamonds and precious gems.

Ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds

Van Bercken complies with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which seeks to avoid conflict diamonds. Every stone we purchase and sell is fully certified and guaranteed conflict free. We are able to make this claim by virtue of our suppliers around the world also making a commitment only to source rough diamonds for cutting from ethical sources.

Diamond selection

All of the diamonds on display at our Van Bercken boutique carry the highest certification in the industry – a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the most reputable and ‘hardest marker’ of several diamond grading laboratories in the market, which is why we have chosen to deal exclusively with these diamonds.

We believe that a diamond’s cut is an under-rated element of the 4Cs when selecting diamonds, as it is this quality that largely defines the brilliance, fire and beauty of an individual stone. For this reason, we heavily favour ‘triple excellent’ diamonds (representing the qualities of excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry).

We sell diamonds that range in colour from D to G (no lower), and from Flawless to SI1 (and with eye clean as an absolute minimum). We do not believe in any artificial treatment of diamonds, and only the accepted mainstream industry treatments for precious gems. We believe it is the rarity and natural beauty of diamonds that makes them previous. We therefore do not stock or deal in synthetic or ‘lab grown’ diamonds.

While traditional engagement ring designs continue to be extremely popular, many couples are opting for more elaborate and contemporary designs that showcase their individuality, or gemstones that reflect their own personalities and stories. We’re excited to help people through this process, and we’ve made engagement rings with everything from opals to rough diamonds, emeralds and topaz. We don’t think there should be any rules as to what ring is appropriate for any couple, but we do believe that marriage is something every person should have the right to experience, regardless of their belief system or sexuality. Love is love and our job is to help find you an enduring symbol of your mutual commitment that will bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

How we work

We’ll work to identify the engagement ring design and diamond qualities that matter most to you, so that you get the optimum combination of size, clarity, colour and cut. To the beginner this can be a lot to take in, especially if you’re nervous about popping that question. We’ve helped thousands of couples through the process of selecting the perfect diamond and ring design for especially for them. If you want to get a head start you can learn more about the elements that go in to diamond grading by reading our diamond guide here.

Diamond choice

We have a large range of diamonds and finished engagement rings in stock, plus access to literally millions of diamonds through our network of national and international suppliers. We know we can help find your perfect engagement ring, and we’re always happy to show you a range of stones to choose from.

You can find really beautiful rings at any price point and we’re very happy to offer a totally obligation free discussion, with honest advice on how to maximise your budget to get the best possible diamond.

How to choose the right engagement ring

We think the perfect engagement ring is a combination of high-quality diamonds, expert jewellery craftsmanship and a design that you love. We have a range of classic hand-made rings in gold and platinum in stock, and we’re also happy to help design a special ring that suits your personal requirements.

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